I Smile…

I step out into the world bright eyed and bushy tailed

All the while I’m dying on the inside

I dawn a jacket in warm weather

In hopes it’ll cover the emotions that are tattooed on me

My mind has become my worst enemy

Torturing me

Replaying every painful memory

But still I smile

Through all the hurt and pain

I smile

Every so often I take steady deep breaths

In hopes it’ll calm my nerves and prevent me from stress

But no success

Feeling like tea kettle with no spout

The pressure is building with no way out

But still…

I smile

The world, oblivious to rage and struggle within me

I wonder how many other individuals can relate to me

As I pass these strangers

I wonder how similar could we be

Does this individual wear a jacket for the same reason as me?

Or maybe…

Instead of hiding emotions they’re hiding scars

Scars from past wars fought

No longer believing in a reason to smile

So instead they frown

A common effect of a cruel world

We all carry a burden

How to distribute that load is for you to determine

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