I Can’t Decide…

My heart wrench in pain
Every time I hear your name
Afraid to love again
Because I know
My love will never be the same
Unable to love whole heartily
Because my heart hasn’t been whole lately
I drive myself crazy
Torn between emotion and reason
Not knowing what to follow
Unsure of where it’ll take me
I’m a man of certainty
When things are uncertain to me
I’m not at peace
What’s left of my heart says I’m still in love
The voice of reason in my head says
Don’t be so dumb
What should I do?
This question receives no answers
Because I have no one to talk to
I have no guidance
No one to lend friendly advice
Afraid to open up to anyone
Not because I’m afraid of judgment
I’m just afraid no good would come from it
Stuck in neutral
The engine of my love life is revving
I need to make decision
Should I throw it in reverse?
And steady the wheel on that once familiar course
Or should I put it in drive
Turning my back on the past and leaving it behind
I can’t decide…

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide…

  1. Is whats holding you back from going back to her really that big? If you still love her, whats so wrong in trying it again just being more cautious?

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